If you would like to support TeamPia financially, there are two options:

  • a transfer to account number BE05 3631 9038 5475 (BIC Code :BBRUBEBB) .
  • a donation on the GoFundMe-page: GoFundMe

The non-profit association is a fact. The enterprise number is 730.738.810.

Unfortunately only recognised entreprises can deliver fiscal attestations. We can only request this for the following year (if we meet all the criteria). We are still looking into the possibility to deliver the fiscal attestations in another way, but we don’t know if this will work yet.

In the first place we are saving to get the medicin Zolgensma. If it is possible for Pia to reveice the medication in any other way, the money we collect will be used for all the tools and aids she will need in the future and of course we will donate to other good causes.

Thanks to everyone of you for all the suport, whether financially or just by letting us know you are here for us. The reactions are immense and it helps us so much to know the story of Pia touches so many people.

Lots of greets,